Network boot
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Daniel Kiper
2018-11-27 13:28:40 UTC
Hi Christopher,

Re-adding grub-devel. Next time please do not drop it if it is not
required. Other people may learn something from your experience too.
No problem for the delay. That's good to clarify because I couldn't find a
clear answer if it was possible to load a 64-bit UEFI from a 32-bit UEFI.
However, I still found a work around. Very complex, for nothing much. I
ended up loading a custom 32-bit kernel and initramfs from a 32-bit efi
script. I just use kexec in the 32-bit kernel to load a 64-bit.
It works, it's the most important thing. Thanks for the clarification.
Another option is CONFIG_EFI_MIXED in Linux kernel. If your kernel is
build with it enabled then...

Enabling this feature allows a 64-bit kernel to be booted on
a 32-bit firmware, provided that your CPU supports 64-bit mode.

Note that it is not possible to boot a mixed-mode enabled
kernel via the EFI boot stub - a bootloader that supports
the EFI handover protocol must be used.

Above thing is an excerpt from CONFIG_EFI_MIXED help.

I hope that helps.


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